Watershed Councils

What is a “Watershed”?

The term “watershed” describes an area of land that drains down slope to the lowest point. Making decisions about a watershed is an important responsibility; decisions must be based on a solid understanding of the characteristics of the watershed and how physical processes shape watershed conditions.

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Watershed Councils

Watershed councils are made up of local volunteers, non-regulatory organizations and people like you. The main goal of a watershed council is to protect, restore and improve the quality of the watersheds in their area. Watershed councils are found in small communities and large cities throughout Oregon. 

Watershed councils are not government entities. However they are often called upon during law making processes for advice and community outreach.

You local watershed council can provide information about your particular watershed and may even be able to direct you to funding sources to make watershed improvements on your property.

How Do I find my local Watershed Council?

The Network of Oregon Watershed Councils is a comprehensive online guide to help residents get connected with their local council group. This group can be a great resource for finding watershed information, getting help cleaning up or restoring areas, meetiing with other landowners and finding out about watershed grants in your area.


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