Tree Sale – Lincoln County


Lincoln County Chapter
Saturday, February 24th 2018

The Lincoln County Small Woodlands Association will host their annual native tree seedling sale on Saturday, February 24th 2018

Location: Lincoln County Fairgrounds, 4H building
Newport, OR
Time: Sale hours are 10am – 3pm or until supply runs out.

At this sale a number of native tree seedlings and some native shrub species will be available. This annual event is designed to provide the public with affordable native tree seedlings, promote natural resource conservation awareness, and to increase forest owners’ knowledge and abilities as stewards of their land. (A few nonnatives also)

Most seedlings will be $2. Contact w/questions

Species include Douglas fir, Western Hemlock, Western Red Cedar, Port Orford, Incense and Deodara Cedar, Noble Fir, Sitka Spruce, Coastal Redwood, Giant Sequoia, Colorado Spruce (blue), Ponderosa Pine(valley), Big Leaf Maple, Red Alder, Oregon Ash, White Oak, Pacific Willow. Shrubs will include Oregon Grape, Mock Orange, Indian Plum, Red Osier Dogwood, Ocean Spray … // Larger orders 100 – 200+ of Douglas Fir, Hemlock, should be available, but limited.


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