Plant Nutrition in Forestry Tour

A summary:

The Plant Nutrition in Forestry tour on Saturday, September 15, 2018 raised more questions than answers but managed to make a group of approximately 25 interested tree farmers have a lot to think about. Mark Gourley is an expert on nutritional balancing for the production of healthy Douglas fir trees in our coastal range. Mark shared his many years’ experience in planting and establishing trees in the coast range at multiple plots, focusing on nutrition and supplements for improved tree survival and growth. Mark shared his different test methods, supplements, plant spacing, and types of spray as well as spraying methods. The attendees were given hands-on opportunities to compare tree growth, needles, and tree health in the small test plots which led to discussions on the impact of soil compositions especially as related to phosphorus, nitrogen, sodium, and potassium, among other minerals. Being thoughtful of the relational effect of balanced nutrition was a key part of the talk. Mark was encouraged to give a follow up next year with a Plant Nutrition 2.0 tour as it was felt beneficial to all who attended to have the shared knowledge of his expertise.



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