OSWA’S 2018 Legislative Priorities

OSWA Board approved September 29, 2017

The focus for 2018 will be:
  • Revive the $500,000 omitted in the state 2017/2019 budget for Eastside fire tax relief and getting adequate Sudden Oak Death (SOD) state funding
  • Secure adequate general fund for additional large fire costs incurred by the Oregon Department of Forestry
  • Support, when consistent with OSWA Policies, legislation proposed by OSWA’s Natural Resource partners
  • Monitor all proposed legislation with potential to impact small woodland owners in Oregon

Key OSWA Legislation Priorities:


  1. Support both new and continuing funding for Oregon Department of Forestry programs which are consistent with OSWA priorities
  2. Support funding for Oregon State University forestry extension services.
  3. Support legislation proposed by Oregon Forest & Industries Council (OFIC) and other allies which are consistent with OSWA policies.
  4. Support issues related to the use of wood products.


  1. Monitor all water issues.
  2. Monitor Oregon Department of Revenue forest land taxation proposals.
  3. Monitor all tax legislation affecting small woodland owners.
  4. Monitor Oregon Department of Forestry proposals.
  5. Monitor land use issues impacting all types of resource lands.
  6. Monitor climate change and carbon proposals.
  7. Monitor fire chief’s legislation dealing with fire district boundaries.
  8. Monitor linking inheritance tax in Oregon with federal law.
  9. Monitor catastrophic fire reforestation assistance proposals.
  10. Monitor all pesticide legislation.
  11. Monitor all legislation seeking reimbursement from ODF to other state agencies or local governments.


  1. Continue working with OFIC, AOL, OTFS, and other Natural Resource partners to assure private forest landowner representation on the Board of Forestry.
  2. Continue working with ODF and other interest groups on forest fire funding issues and smoke management.
Previous Years’ Priority & Legislative Session Reports At OSWA’s September 2014 Board meeting, the board approved OSWA’s 2015 Legislative Priorities. The 2015 Legislative Session is a full session that will focus on State agency budgets and the ever increasing demand for school funding. With two consecutive high cost fire seasons, the issue of how to pay for fighting fires in Oregon will be an issue to watch. OSWA’s strategy will be to protect the funding we successfully lobbied for in 2013 and oppose unfair tax increases including any attempt to have landowners pay a larger portion of firefighting costs. Roger Beyer, a small woodland owner from Clackamas County and a past state senator, was OSWA’s’ lobbyist for several Legislative Sessions. Roger provided reports throughout the legislative process. Go to the following links to see his reports: Oregon Legislative Update for OSWA Members, February 15th 2011

OSWA’s Wildfire Reduction Act Bill

Reduces limit on forest patrol assessment rates for lands located east of summit of Cascade Mountains and certain other areas. Please read the entire Wildfire Reduction Act bill for more information. OSWA appreciates your support.

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