OSWA – 2018 so far

An update on OSWA’s year so far.

The OSWA Annual Meeting has come and gone. Beginning on June 28th, the Meeting took place in Springfield and covered many interesting topics, four mill tours, and one tree farm tour. With over 190 participants participating in the various aspects of the meeting, this is truly one of the largest annual meetings that OSWA has held. Like every past Annual Meeting, incredible speakers spoke about topics in forestry, smoke management, herbicides, and the latest in the Oregon legislature. Additionally, numerous awards were given out to various outstanding OSWA members and tree farmers. This years Riggin Slinger award went to past OSWA President Rick Barnes!

You can read more about award recipients and tours at the OSWA Annual Meeting.

Neighbor to Neighbor Tours

The spring/summer months have also served as an excellent time for a few Neighbor to Neighbor tours!

Benton Chapter

The first tour of the spring/summer occurred in Benton County at the Carr-Oakes-Johnson Homestead Tree Farm. With over 160 participants, this tour allowed the 4th generation family to show off their continuous family management.

For a full summary of the Carr-Oak-Johnson Homestead Tree Farm tour, click here. 

Jackson Chapter

The second tour of the summer occurred in Jackson County at the Collin’s family tree farm on June 2nd, this tour saw 90 participants joining us at Bill and Marion’s 190-acre tree farm.

For a full summary of the Collins Family Tree Farm Tour, click here.

Lane Chapter

The third tour of the summer occurred at the Cafferata tree farm in Lane County, Steve & Wylda are the Oregon Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year and represented at the OSWA Annual Meeting by having the tour on the Saturday following the Annual Meeting. With over 150 visitors, this tour was one for the books!

For a full summary of the Cafferata Tree Farm tour, click here.

Washington Chapter

The fourth and final tour of the summer occurred at the Gaebel tree farm in Washington County, with over 110 participants, the tour was able to cover various topics, including commercial thinning, road design, and pond maintenance.

For the full summary of the Gaebel Tree Farm tour, click here.

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