OSU Extention Service

Oregon State University Forestry & Natural Resources Extension

Offering long and short term classes, programs and activities to woodland managers and owners. Many services and publications are free.

They have a number of offices and training facilities throughout Oregon, including urban and rural locations.

OSWA works very closely with Oregon State University Forestry Extension Services, collaborating on events, activities and local resources for woodland owners.

OSU Extension Foresters actively participate in OSWA chapter events and provide forestry training through collaboration with OSWA chapters. OSU Forestry Extension Associate Dean and Program Leader is an ex-officio member of OSWA’s board. OSU Forestry Extension invites OSWA to participate in activities to evaluate and advise on the OSU Forestry Extension programs. OSWA’s Executive Director is a member of the OSU Forest Research Laboratory Advisory Committee.

See the Complete list of Extension Service Offices in Oregon.

Get up to date information on events, activities and programs at the Extension Office Online Calendar

Progams & Classes:

Master Woodland Manager Program

The Oregon State University offers a free Master Woodland Manager training program. Classes are held at different locations throughout the state via the local extension office. The program usually consists of 8 – 10 classes (each 1-2 days) over a period of about 3 months. Check with your local Forestry Extension Agent to see what the upcoming schedule is for Master Woodland Manager training. How to become a Master Woodland Manager explains the program, how to apply and gives a sample training schedule.

Tree School

Tree School is a combined effort between OSU Extension, Oregon Dept of Forestry, Oregon Small Woodlands Association, Oregon Forest Research Institute and others, “Tree School” is a one to two day program of classes and activities for rural landowners to learn about living in and around trees. Tree Schools are scheduled several times throughout the year in different locations in Oregon.More information can be found at Tree School website.


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