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A Special Alert on Property Taxes from Terry Lamers

Terry Lamers has written a special write up on taxes for Marion-Polk members. All OSWA member will benefit from his research and findings. Make sure you aren’t over-paying on your property taxes!

A Friendly Reminder

Marion-Polk chapter directors want to reiterate how important the Oregon Forest Resources Institute’s website can be for property owners.

Check it out at


Board of Directors

Chapter President
Mark Havel

Marion/Polk Chapter Directors

  • Don Duhrkopf (503) 623-6710
  • Terry Lamers (503) 930-3946
  • Ed Miller (503) 787-3727
  • Pat Wheeler (503) 838-1436
  • Jock Dalton (503) 623-2817
  • Ryan McBride (503) 983-8478
  • John Hettwer (503) 873-6583
  • Erik Lamers (503) 931-7751

Marion/Polk Other News & Events

Forestry tools and community introduction

Thank you to Mark and his wife for sharing their time and knowledge today. I learned about OSWA at their open house, realized how much I have to learn, met a number of friendly sharing members, so joined OSWA tonight. My journey commences. Download .pdf

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