Kraus Family Tree Farm Tour Report

Kraus Family Tree Farm Oct 16th Mini-Tour

by Rita Adams

With a warming fire provided by Van Decker, owners Rita Adams, Beverly Crabtree and John Krause welcomed 20 fellow tree farmers to their tree farm. Harold and Betty Krause spent over 40 years logging and thinning.  Removing over 1700MBF on their 40 acre tree farm. Invited guests; Gary Blanchard, Starker Forests, George Mickenham, logger, truck driver, and Van Decker neighbor shared stories about Harold and those experiences that have shaped what the tree farm is today.

The talk points included the issued that occurred with getting young trees up and the agencies that helped with problems.  ODFW helped with an emergency kill permit to help with deer eating 4 acres of trees.  USDA provided a drought aid grant that helped lower the costs of replanting and spraying due to a severe drought.

Preliminary growth plots provided information on a 2005 stand.  Questions discussed were when to thin and how much.

John Krause shared road design and maintenance for ATV safety.  Discussions were shared about what goes on the four wheeler; how to secure the fire extinguisher and tools, and benefits of small battery operated chainsaws.

The extension service provided a link to ATV safety course.

It was a great fall day with spectacular views of Mary’s Peak. With over 50 years of past history, this tree farm is moving into the next 50 years


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