Grant County Chapter


Chapter President Bob Parker 541-523-6418

You can contact the Baker and Baker and Grant County Extension Forester:

  • Baker County Extension Office
  • 2610 Grove Street, Baker City, OR 97814
  • Telephone: (541) 523-6418
  • Fax: (541) 523-8225


Check out Western Juniper Manufacturers and look at their helpful links for woodland owners & managers. Get your names on this site by contacting Scott Leavengood. His email is on the page.

You’ll soon see that western juniper is used for far more than fence posts and firewood nowadays. As this page grows, you’ll be able to visit manufacturers of western juniper lumber, rustic furniture, interior doors, cabinetry, log homes, small and large animal bedding, and gifts and novelty items.

While traveling through Mitchell (Grant County) I had the chance to stop and speak with Bruce McAllister of Juniper Twists. He said that roughly 1 in 100 Juniper have the characteristics he’s looking for. He is willing to travel 100 miles to pick up a good specimen. Take a look at his website to see the types of products he makes and if you think you have a tree he would be interested in please contact Bruce directly at:


  • Bruce McAllister
  • P.O. Box 355, Mitchell, OR 97750
  • Telephone: (541)462-3232

Another useful Juniper resourece for you may be the Widow Creek Ranch. They make juniper lumber, and are located approximately 15 miles west of John Day.

Widow Creek Ranch

  • Jim Dovenberg
  • Telephone: (541) 932-4188