OSWA Forestry Taxation Series

To register for this ongoing series, please use this link: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_2jCc-DUnRTC3-m60M7tC5w Below you will find the recording as well as the slides and handouts from each session of the OSWA Forestry Taxation Series. Week 1: Overview of Timber Taxation & Deducting Casualty Losses Week 2: How You Are Classified Determines How You are Taxed Week […]

Reforestation assistance for landowners who need to replant after the wildfire

Emergency Forest Restoration Program application deadline extended to January 30, 2021. Do you need financial assistance to pay for re-planting burned areas?  Under the USDA Emergency Forest Restoration Program you may qualify for funding to cover up to 75% of the cost of re-planting some of the areas that burned. The deadline for applications has been […]

Fire Liability

Did you Know? OSWA Members have access to unique fire liability insurance options and discounts! Owning your own forested property is rewarding and offers enormous benefits – a source of income, a place to recreate, and a legacy to pass down through the generations, among others. But owning forestland carries great responsibility and potential liability, […]

Oregon Forest Resources Institute

Dedicated to elevating the public’s understanding of how forest stewardship meets social, environmental and economic needs of both present and future generations. Oregon Small Woodland Association (OSWA) and Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI) share many of the same goals and visions. OSWA and OFRI collaborate on a variety of activities, events, programs and other actions […]

Invasive Species

Native Species vs. Invasive Species Native or indigenous plants or animals are ones that were present in the Pacific Northwest historically prior to European-American settlement. Non-native (exotic, alien or introduced) plants or animals, on the other hand, are ones that were brought to the Pacific Northwest by humans, either deliberately or by accident. Invasive species are ones that are […]

Special Interest Groups

Friends of Trees Friends of Trees inspires community stewardship by bringing people in the Portland-Vancouver area together to plant and care for city trees and urban natural areas. Green Spirit Dr. Patrick Moore’s concept that combines environmentalism with both a deep appreciation of nature and an enthusiasm for the challenge. “Spirit” as in spiritual and […]

Education Links

Help & Assistance for Landowners Your local chapter officers and members may also have information to share regarding the issue or issues you are researching. They may have similar experiences or objectives when it comes to their property, as well as their involvement in OSWA. Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI) Public information resource created by […]

Consulting Foresters

Planning and putting into action a timber harvest or other forest operation can be a complicated undertaking filled with pitfalls. There are unit boundaries to be marked in the field, contracts to be written, and the Oregon Forest Practices Act to comply with, among other sometimes-thorny tasks. If you’re not experienced with these endeavors, you […]

Watershed Councils

What is a “Watershed”? The term “watershed” describes an area of land that drains down slope to the lowest point. Making decisions about a watershed is an important responsibility; decisions must be based on a solid understanding of the characteristics of the watershed and how physical processes shape watershed conditions. Click here to learn more […]

OSU Extention Service

Oregon State University Forestry & Natural Resources Extension Offering long and short term classes, programs and activities to woodland managers and owners. Many services and publications are free. They have a number of offices and training facilities throughout Oregon, including urban and rural locations. OSWA works very closely with Oregon State University Forestry Extension Services, […]