Mass Timber in the News

Mass timber is in the news all over the Willamette Valley (and fairly old news in Europe) so we OSWA members scheduled a tour on March 8, 2018. Mass timber structures, such as cross-laminated timber (CLT) push beyond wood’s perceived boundaries, achieving building heights and spans that would have once required a concrete or steel structural frame. Originally […]

A Message From Benton Chapter President

From our President, Karen Fleck Harding Congratulations to Benton Small Woodlands members!! We tied with Washington County for the highest annual renewal rate of all the county chapters!! As we greet spring into our lives again this year, the Benton Small Woodlands Association is greeting nine new members to our local chapter. Early this year, […]

Benton County Supports Red-Legged Frogs

Marsha Carr and two of her granddaughters, Benton County members, are making an effort to support red-legged frogs. Red-legged frogs are on the endangered list in California. First the girls drained the pond with some direction from ODFW. Brian Bangs, shown here, from the Finley Wildlife Refuge showed Kayla Carr what to plant and where.  Natalie […]

Another Great OSWA Annual Meeting

Written by Jim James Congratulations to the Baker County Chapter for another great OSWA annual meeting. On Friday, June 10th, an exceptional group of speakers discussed the resilience of Northeast Oregon, before and after fire, and a multiple list of challenges facing family forest owners and how one might address these issues, all was with […]

Port-Blakely/OSWA Winter 2015 Scholarships Available – up to $1000

In celebration of Port Blakely Tree Farms LP’s 150th anniversary Port Blakely and OSWA are offering college scholarships for up to $1000 to the children and grandchildren of OSWA members who are enrolled in a natural resource college Winter Term 2015. The scholarships are available because of a gift from Port Blake. To apply a […]

Benton County Tree Farmer of the Year Woods Tour, September 6, 2014

Join us Saturday, September 6 to tour the family forest of Mike and Molly Albrecht, our 2014 Benton County Tree Farmers of the Year. The Albrechts were selected for Benton County’s 2014 Tree Farmer of the Year because of their extensive contributions to our chapter. Mike has served as president of the Benton County Chapter […]

The “Quarterly Bark” Newsletter

The Quarterly Bark is the joint newsletter for Benton, Lane, Linn, and Lincoln County OSWA chapters. July 2020 January 2020 October 2019 July 2019 April 2019 January 2019 October 2018 July 2018 April, 2018 January, 2018 October 2017 July 2017 April 2017 January 2017 October 2016 July 2016 April 2016 January 2016 October 2015 July […]

Welcome to Benton County OSWA Chapter

Woodland Information Night goes Virtual The Benton-Linn “Woodland Information Night” had been scheduled for March of 2020 but was postponed due to coronavirus.  We have decided to have the meeting virtually on line on October 28 at 6:00 pm.  Fortunately the same speakers are able to participate.  This will be a very interesting and informative […]