2021 Legislation Update

The legislative session ended Saturday June 26th, with varying outcomes for the four legislative issues we have been working on for the last few weeks. HB 5518- ODF Budget Bill The budget passed without either of the two Governor proposed cost shifts to landowners, changing the funding for ODF Private Forests Division from 40% harvest […]

OSWA 2021 Call to Action

Below you will find a simple webform that will email the Oregon House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee. Fill out this form with your information: Your Honorific (Mr., Mrs., etc.) Your First and Last Name Your Email Address After those spots are filled, feel free to review the email that we have drafted for this […]

OSWA End of Session Report

OSWA End of Session Report 2019 By Roger Beyer The legislative session began on January 14th with Democrats controlling both legislative chambers with super majorities (60% or more) and a democratic governor. The two chambers introduced nearly 1500 bills the first day and then adjourned until January 22nd when the session began in earnest.  The […]

Corrected Statements Re: HB 2020 Cap & Trade Bill

To read OSWA’s Testimony dated March 1, 2019, please click here. Oregon Small Woodlands Association HB 2020 Recommendationsto Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction Members May 3, 2019 Corrected April 26, 2019 comments Re: HB 2020 Cap & Trade Bill as currently written has many flaws My name is Jim James. I am the Executive Director […]

Cost of Converting to Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Preliminary Estimate of the Cost for Oregon to Convert to Alternative Fuel Vehicles 4/22/19 Greg Peterson PE Introduction Before starting a new undertaking, stakeholders should know the scope, schedule, and cost, but unfortunately with HB 2020, and its many amendments, this has been obscured, so that very few Oregonians know what is involved with the […]

HB 2020 Recommendations

Oregon Small Woodlands Association HB 2020 RecommendationstoJoint Committee on Carbon Reduction March 1, 2019 My name is Jim James. I am the Executive Director of Oregon Small Woodlands Association, an organization that represents the interests of Oregon’s family forest owners. Oregon Small Woodlands Association (OSWA) has no position on HB 2020. However, if HB 2020 […]

OSWA’s 2018 Successes

Thanks for tuning in to learn about some of Oregon Small Woodland Association’s 2018 Successes. 2018 was another busy and productive year for OSWA! Here are some highlights: At the Capitol: OSWA was successful with its priority efforts at the 2018 Legislative short session. The $500,000 Eastside Fire Tax Relief, which was dropped during the 2017 […]

2017 OSWA Annual Meeting, Workshop & Luncheon

EMPHASIZING THE “FAMILY” OF FAMILY FOREST LANDOWNERS Connecting families and the tree farm Time: 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. Place: The Rediscovery Forest in the Oregon Garden Focus: Families are invited to participate in three 30-minute concurrent sessions in the Rediscovery Forest. 1. How to determine density management with Mike Cloughesy, OFRI, and Stephen Fitzgerald, OSU […]

Special Tax Alert – 2016

Understand property, harvest and severance taxes – Don’t pay unnecessarily! An OSWA member recently wrote in: “Well, it happened again. I did some logging on my aunt and uncles place in 2015. As the logger, we keep all the records of board feet cut, in our office, and report the numbers to them, at the […]

August 15 – Tour of John & Cathy Dummer’s Young Forest

John & Cathy Dummer’s The Ridge Tree Farm Challenges when Managing a Young Forest Saturday, August 15th 8:30 am to Noon Registration Required To Register email oswaevents@gmail.com or call (503) 588-1813 by August 7th Please mention the event date – August 15th FREE Admission & Lunch Howdy Neighbor Tour in Washington County, Saturday, August 15th. […]