Port Blakely/OSWA Scholarships Available – up to $1000!

In celebration of Port Blakely Tree Farms LP’s 150th anniversary Port Blakely and OSWA are offering college scholarships for up to $1000 to the children and grandchildren of OSWA members who are enrolled in a natural resource college Winter Term 2015. The scholarships are available because of a gift from Port Blake.

To apply a student must be:

  1. A child or grandchild of an OSWA member in good standing and
  2. Enrolled as a full time student during Winter Term 2015 in a natural resource degree college program

Applicants must provide:

  1. Name, address, phone, and email address
  2. Name, address, and phone for their parent or grandparent who is an OSWA member in good standing
  3. Evidence of being registered as a winter term student in a natural resource college degree, as a junior or senior
  4. A minimum 500 word essay about the applicant’s goals in their professional career following graduation
  5. Letter of recommendation from someone aware of the student’s interest in natural resources such as a parent, grandparent, councilor, employer, etc.

An OSWA Scholarship Committee appointed by the Executive Committee will determine how the scholarships are distributed. It is intended that the successful applicants will receive their scholarships sometime in 2015 during the Winter Term. Application deadline is February 25, 2015.

Applicants do not need to use an official application form, but one is attached to link (**see below**).

Port Blakely has been a longtime supporter of family forest values and a member and supporter of OSWA. They are also a Gold OSWA Patron. Port Blakely Tree Farm is part of the Port Blakely Companies which was founded in 1864 on Bainbridge Island in Washington as Port Blakely Mills. Port Blakely Companies share a common set of values – integrity, respect, quality, innovation, and environmental stewardship. They have a history of supporting family forest owners in Oregon and Washington in a variety of ways.

Tax Symposium – January 26, 2015

Understanding Oregon’s Family Forest Tax Landscape

8:30am to 4:30pm on Monday, January 26 2015

at OSU’s CH2M Hill Alumni Center in Corvallis, OR

Register at http://www.taxsymposium.eventbrite.com View the full size flyer by clicking here or on the image below.

OSWA 2015 Tax Symposium
View the full size flyer by clicking here or on the image below. Save to your computer to print

Slash Burning Issue Close to Urban Areas

Several members of Clackamas County Farm Forestry Association (CCFFA) have found it difficult if not impossible to get permission to burn slash following a timber harvest.

Jim Schreiber and Tim Dahl, members of CCFFA, have been trying to understand and to resolve this issue for some time. Jim formed a CCFFA Slash Burning work group in 2010 to investigate why chapter members were struggling to get approval for slash burning permits and complete necessary site preparation work after harvests.

He has prepared a Summary of Concerns and a Position Paper on Slash Burning to address this issue.

Please see:


Notifications to be filed online starting Oct. 1

Efficient Forestry

The Oregon Department of Forestry issued this news release today.E-Notification button


September 26, 2014

Lena Tucker, (503) 945-7529, ltucker@odg.state.or.us
Nick Hennemann, (503) 910-4311, nhennemann@odf.state.or.us

Efficient Forestry – Notifications to be filed online starting Oct. 1

Forestry professionals are not only logging, but will now log-in before doing forestry work. In August 2013, the Oregon Department of Forestry began developing a Notification of Forest Operations process with a simple 21st century solution: E-Notification. Starting Oct. 1, E-Notification will occur through the Forest activity Electronic Reporting and Notification System (FERNS), accessible through the Department’s main web page at www.oregon.gov/odf

A team developed the site using an agile approach, testing each piece while the developers created the next one.

“E-Notification is really an agile development success story,” said Peter Daugherty, the department’s Private Forests Division chief. “Rather than waiting until the site was finished and walking away with a product that might work, we got to test it the whole way through to find and fix problems and ensure a functioning system.”

Lena Tucker, the deputy division chief who led the development team, said, “We tested it. We tried to break the system every way we could imagine and have the developer fix it. But, like any system, we know we’ll still have updates and fixes to refine this tool. We’re already working on release 2 and eyeing future releases.”


E-Notification gives everyone in forestry flexibility and efficiency when submitting legally required Notifications of Operations. Starting Oct. 1, anyone filing a Notification for Operation and Permit to Operate Power Driven Machinery will be able to use the new online system. Landowners, the public, forest industry, and the Department developed e-Notification system goals to:

  • increase efficiency
  • streamline communications, and
  • simplify the process.

21st Century Business

E-mailing, e-filing, and e-Notifying match today’s business and regulatory needs and speeds for information. The Department of Forestry continues investing significant resources to meet these demands.

Currently, landowners, timber owners, and operators file a paper notification. Department staff then manually enter the information into an electronic system. Finally, the notifier receives a printed copy by mail. With e-Notification, notifiers will submit notifications anywhere they have internet access and quickly receive an email with a copy of their completed notification.

Private Forest Division Chief Peter Daugherty explained, “Administratively, we’re simply matching current technology. The principles stay the same – communicate, protect people and the environment, and allow productive forest management. It’s just the tools that have changed.”


  • E-Notification will reduce redundancy. Someone who files notifications annually can set up an account, and then will need to enter only the site-specific details for the next notification.
  • Notifiers can copy older notifications electronically to update or add operation activities for the next year.
  • Instead of checking boxes on a paper form for the township, range and section of the operation, notifiers can locate their property on a digital map and draw their unit boundary.
  • Notifiers who have their own GIS systems will be able to import their technical files from their system into the E-Notification.

Anyone who submits a Notification for Operation or Application Permit for Power Driven Machinery (notifiers).

E-Notification – the 21st Century notification system requiring the same information as before but now it’s exclusively online.

October 1, 2014 all notifiers will use e-Notification to submit Notifications.

On-line by accessing e-Notification on the ODF website (www.oregon.gov/odf)

Anywhere you can access the internet.


Nick Hennemann | Public Information Officer
Private Forests
Oregon Department of Forestry
2600 State Street, Salem, OR 97310
Desk (503) 945-7248
Cell (503) 910-4311

Ackerman-Munson, Springer reappointed to Board of Forestry

The Oregon Dept. of Forestry issued this news release today.

Ackerman-Munson, Springer reappointed to Board of Forestry

Sybil Ackerman Photo
Sybil Ackerman

Sybil Ackerman-Munson of Damascus and Gary Springer of Corvallis have been reappointed to the Oregon Board of Forestry. On Sept. 17, the Oregon State Senate confirmed the reappointment of Ackerman-Munson to a second term running July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2018. Springer’s second term is May 1, 2014 – April 30, 2018.

Gov. John Kitzhaber submitted the two nominations to the Senate rules Committee on Aug. 25.

Ackerman-Munson has her own small business as an advisor for philanthropic institutions and individuals interested in effective grant making. She currently serves as a consultant for the Resources Legacy Fund, Burning Foundation, Gray Family Foundation, and Jubitz Family Foundation. She is also the Executive Director of the Lazar Foundation.

She was previously employed by many prestigious environmental organizations and has served on numerous boards and negotiating teams to craft solutions to complex policy challenges. In addition to her position on the Board of Forestry, she has served on the Environmental Justice Task Force, the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, the Nearshore Ocean Task Force, the Governor’s Panel on Oregon and California Lands, the Steens Mountain negotiating team, the Habitat Conservation Plan Public Interest Committee, and the State Forest Management Plan revision subcommittee.

Gary Springer Photo
Gary Springer

Springer is a staff forester with Starker Forests, Inc. and also handles policy and public outreach duties for the family-owned company. In addition, he owns and manages an 80-acre tree farm in Harlan. He holds a baccalaureate in general humanities from Oregon State University. From the 1970s through the 1990s, Springer was a partner in Springer Logging, his family’s contract logging business. He has served on a variety of forestry-related boards and committees, including the Forest Practices Advisory Committee and the Committee for Family Forestlands.

He currently serves on the Oregon Small Woodlands Association and Oregon Society of American Foresters executive committees, and on research advisory committees at the Oregon State University (OSU) College of Forestry. He has also served on the Oregon Forest Resources Institute board.

Ackerman-Munson and Springer were appointed to their first terms on the Board of Forestry in 2010 by Gov. Ted Kulongoski.

The Board of Forestry consists of seven governor-appointed members, with the Oregon State Forester serving as secretary. The term of office is four years, and no member may serve more than two consecutive full terms. The mission of the board is to lead Oregon in implementing policies and programs that promote management of Oregon’s public and private forests that is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.

More information on the Board of Forestry is available at: www.oregonforestry.gov.

Rod Nichols
Oregon Dept. of Forestry

Article – “Thinning Oregon’s Dry-Side Forests Cut Fire Risk: Guest Opinion”

This is a great article in the Oregonian – written by our own OSU Extension Forester and OSWA Member Max Bennett on the possibility of creating fire-resistant forests through fuels reduction.

In July, Chad Hanson, of the John Muir Project, inspects a young ponderosa pine tree growing in an area destroyed by 2013’s Rim Fire, near Groveland, Calif. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

To read this article, written by Max Bennett and Stephen Fitzgerald, in the August 16th post on OregonLive.com, click here.

Article – “Thinning Forests Can Cut Fire Risk, Boost Diversity: Guest Opinion”

A group of foresters and academics examines an overgrown woodland in the Blue Mountains northeast of Pendleton in August 2012 in critical need of thinning to head off a wildfire or outbreak of tree-killing disease or insects. (David Powell/U.S. Forest Service)

The Oregonian has a new article out titled “Thinning Forests Can Cut Fire Risk, Boost Diversity: Guest Opinion“. Written by Dick Powell, August 9, 2014, this article is a great read and relevant to current issues regarding woodland management. Check it out the complete article here.

Marion-Polk Chapter Newsletter Available Now!

OSWA’s Marion-Polk Chapter has another exemplary newsletter available to read. Much of the news is of interest to all OSWA members, not just ones located in the Marion-Polk area. There are important upcoming events, as well as informational articles.

To see the current newsletter, as well as past editions, click here.

Benton County Tree Farmer of the Year Woods Tour, September 6, 2014

Join us Saturday, September 6 to tour the family forest of Mike and Molly Albrecht, our 2014 Benton County Tree Farmers of the Year. The Albrechts were selected for Benton County’s 2014 Tree Farmer of the Year because of their extensive contributions to our chapter. Mike has served as president of the Benton County Chapter for the past three years, providing leadership for the group in education and fundraising. As a Master Woodland Manager, Mike led a popular series of woodland site-visits that provided peer-to-peer learning opportunities.

On the tour, we’ll see the Albrecht’s work to bring productivity back to a site harvested before their ownership and how they have grappled with challenges such as maple competition and legacy roads. They are also participants in the Woods Creek restoration project, joining their neighbors and the Marys River Watershed Council to add large woody debris, reconnect side channel alcoves and plant conifers in the riparian zone, initiating a process that will benefit generations to come.

For detailed event information, schedule and directions, see the July 2014 edition of the Quarterly Bark Newsletter, page 8.

You can download the newsletter here.

OSWA 2014 Annual Meeting, hosted by OSWA’s Douglas County Chapter, was a great success!

Thanks to the Douglas County Chapter volunteers and the nineteen sponsors:

  • Barnes & Associates
  • Boise Cascade, C&D Lumber Company
  • Douglas County Forest Products
  • Douglas Timber Operators
  • Hampton Affiliates
  • Lone Rock Timber
  • Nordic Veneer
  • Northwest Farm Credit Services
  • Northwest Hardwoods
  • Oregon Department of Forestry
  • Roseburg Forest Products
  • RSG
  • Seneca
  • Silke Communications
  • Starker Forests
  • Stimson Lumber Company
  • Swanson Group
  • Weyerhaeuser