Winter Lecture – Jan 11, 2019 Corvallis

Carbon – Better in the Woods or the Wood Product?

Maureen Puettmann: WoodLife Environmental Consultants
Consortium for Research on Renewable Industrial Materials Director of Operations

Elaine Oneil: Executive Director of the Washington Farm Forestry Association
CORRIM Director of Science & Sustainability

Date: Friday, January 11, 2019
Time: 6:30-8:30 pm
Location: Corvallis/Benton County Library

Join Elaine and Maureen, both Small Woodlands Owners, as they discuss the science, policy, and practice of Forest Carbon in Oregon. Learn to view your woodlands through the lens of Life Cycle Assessment, which measures the environmental impacts of production, use, and disposal of forest products. Explore management options to optimize Carbon Sequestration on your property.
Educate yourself, so you can educate others. It’s Good in the Woods.

Port Blakely/OSWA Scholarships Available – up to $1000!

In celebration of Port Blakely Tree Farms LP’s 150th anniversary Port Blakely and OSWA are offering college scholarships for up to $1000 to the children and grandchildren of OSWA members who are enrolled in a natural resource college Winter Term 2015. The scholarships are available because of a gift from Port Blake.

To apply a student must be:

  1. A child or grandchild of an OSWA member in good standing and
  2. Enrolled as a full time student during Winter Term 2015 in a natural resource degree college program

Applicants must provide:

  1. Name, address, phone, and email address
  2. Name, address, and phone for their parent or grandparent who is an OSWA member in good standing
  3. Evidence of being registered as a winter term student in a natural resource college degree, as a junior or senior
  4. A minimum 500 word essay about the applicant’s goals in their professional career following graduation
  5. Letter of recommendation from someone aware of the student’s interest in natural resources such as a parent, grandparent, councilor, employer, etc.

An OSWA Scholarship Committee appointed by the Executive Committee will determine how the scholarships are distributed. It is intended that the successful applicants will receive their scholarships sometime in 2015 during the Winter Term. Application deadline is February 25, 2015.

Applicants do not need to use an official application form, but one is attached to link (**see below**).

Port Blakely has been a longtime supporter of family forest values and a member and supporter of OSWA. They are also a Gold OSWA Patron. Port Blakely Tree Farm is part of the Port Blakely Companies which was founded in 1864 on Bainbridge Island in Washington as Port Blakely Mills. Port Blakely Companies share a common set of values – integrity, respect, quality, innovation, and environmental stewardship. They have a history of supporting family forest owners in Oregon and Washington in a variety of ways.

New editions of Family Forests News available online now!

Family Forest NewsThe two most recent Oregon Family Forests Newsletters are now available online. Click here to see full versions.

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