Collins Tree Farm Neighbor to Neighbor Woods Tour

By Jeremy Felty

On June 2nd, 90 participants visited the 190-acre Collin’s tree farm located in Jackson County, hosted by Bill and Marion Collins, the Jackson/Josephine OSWA Chapter, and OSU Forestry Extension. It was funded by a grant to OSWA from Oregon Forest Resource Institute. Bill and Marion Collins purchased their 160 acres in 1969. As hobby farmers, they soon found that they needed an additional 30 acres for pasturing cows and horses. This was the beginning of the 190-acre Double Diamond ranch. However, after 13 years, they decided to switch their focus to their forest land. The dense, vertically challenged forest was transformed over the next 35 years to not only to a healthier environment for wildlife and birds, but also one that is sustainable and less prone to severe wildfires. The key factor was the development of a road system that enabled all age, all species management by selective harvest.

Bill Collin’s begins the event with a short story about the property.
Bill Collin’s begins the event with a short story about the property.

The tour discussed the history of the property, the types of forest management performed by the Collins family, living with the risk of wildfire, and dealing with fire challenges. Speakers included Bill Collins, Alan Campbell, Bill Potterf, Marty Main, OSU Extension agent Max Bennett, and Oregon Department of Forestry employees John O’Conner and Paris Drake. Eleven non-OSWA participants joined OSWA at the conclusion of the tour.

An ODF Fire Suppression Specialist Paris Drake describes the process of building burn piles.
An ODF Fire Suppression Specialist Paris Drake describes the process of building burn piles.
Marty Main describes the multi-age multi-species thinning process utilized by the Collins family.
Marty Main describes the multi-age multi-species thinning process utilized by the Collins family.
Bill Potterf describes the removal of ladder  trees while holding a large pole-saw.
Bill Potterf describes the removal of ladder
trees while holding a large pole-saw.

Woodland Measurements Workshop

Presented by Benton County Small Woodlands Association

Dave Hibbs Cedar Spring Tree Farm

Date: Saturday, October 20, 2018
Time: 8:30 carpool for a 9:00 start. Will be done at noon.

Location: S. Polk County. Details provided upon registration.
RSVP: 541-766-6750 by 10 a.m. Wednesday 10/17/18. Space is limited.

Knowing something about what you have in the woods is important. If you are selling trees, you will want to know the volume in the stands to be harvested. If you are thinking about stand density and thinning, you will want to know how crowded your stands are. Join Dave Hibbs for a hands-on field class that will look at ways to collect and analyze both density and volume data. Sponsored by Benton County Small Woodlands and OSU Forestry & Natural Resources Extension. We will be in the woods most of the time, so please dress accordingly.

Carr/Oaks/Johnson Neighbor to Neighbor Woods Tour

By Jeremy Felty

On May 19th 2018, 160 participants visited the Carr-Oakes-Johnson Homestead/Hardell Tree Farm in Benton county. They are the 2018 Benton County Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year. The property is in its 4th generation of continuous family management. The first piece was homesteaded in 1883. Some of the original family orchard is still there and being managed to preserve its varieties. As new pieces of land were added and times changed in Oregon, management has shifted from agriculture to forestry with the family planting tens of thousands of tree seedlings long before that was a common practice.

Today, the property is a vigorous forest, bits and pieces of diversity that are being preserved or added, and 3 generations of family working together to keep the forest productive and to bring the family together. The first goal they list for the property is to have the 5th generation out there working and playing too.
The tour was hosted by the Carr/Oakes family, OSWA’s Benton County Chapter, and OSU Forestry Extension. It was funded by a grant to OSWA from Oregon Forest Resource Institute. Topics covered at the tour were, Pre-commercial thinning and commercial thinning strategies, the development of a pond and wildlife in a managed forest, and planning for a balanced forest age distribution.

Dan Carr explains how he performs a pre-commercial thinning
Brad Withrow-Robinson describes a precommercial thinning processes
Fran Cafferata Coe and Kayla Carr discuss development of forest ponds while participants view rare red legged frogs.
Mike Cloughesy discusses commercial thinning strategy options.

OSWA – 2018 so far

An update on OSWA’s year so far.

The OSWA Annual Meeting has come and gone. Beginning on June 28th, the Meeting took place in Springfield and covered many interesting topics, four mill tours, and one tree farm tour. With over 190 participants participating in the various aspects of the meeting, this is truly one of the largest annual meetings that OSWA has held. Like every past Annual Meeting, incredible speakers spoke about topics in forestry, smoke management, herbicides, and the latest in the Oregon legislature. Additionally, numerous awards were given out to various outstanding OSWA members and tree farmers. This years Riggin Slinger award went to past OSWA President Rick Barnes!

You can read more about award recipients and tours at the OSWA Annual Meeting.

Neighbor to Neighbor Tours

The spring/summer months have also served as an excellent time for a few Neighbor to Neighbor tours!

Benton Chapter

The first tour of the spring/summer occurred in Benton County at the Carr-Oakes-Johnson Homestead Tree Farm. With over 160 participants, this tour allowed the 4th generation family to show off their continuous family management.

For a full summary of the Carr-Oak-Johnson Homestead Tree Farm tour, click here. 

Jackson Chapter

The second tour of the summer occurred in Jackson County at the Collin’s family tree farm on June 2nd, this tour saw 90 participants joining us at Bill and Marion’s 190-acre tree farm.

For a full summary of the Collins Family Tree Farm Tour, click here.

Lane Chapter

The third tour of the summer occurred at the Cafferata tree farm in Lane County, Steve & Wylda are the Oregon Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year and represented at the OSWA Annual Meeting by having the tour on the Saturday following the Annual Meeting. With over 150 visitors, this tour was one for the books!

For a full summary of the Cafferata Tree Farm tour, click here.

Washington Chapter

The fourth and final tour of the summer occurred at the Gaebel tree farm in Washington County, with over 110 participants, the tour was able to cover various topics, including commercial thinning, road design, and pond maintenance.

For the full summary of the Gaebel Tree Farm tour, click here.

All Summaries:

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Thank You Lane County for another Successful Annual Meeting

By Jim James

OSWA enjoyed another successful Annual Meeting June 28-30 in Springfield, once again hosted by Lane County’s OSWA chapter. Thursday’s mill tours and board meeting, Friday’s program, and Saturday’s woods tour were all well attended and as in 2017, Lane County was a wonderful host.

Key Note Speaker, Todd Payne, addresses 185 participants at OSWA’s Annual Meeting

Keynote Speaker, Seneca CEO, Todd Payne spoke about the importance of being a good neighbor and in addressing public concerns to protect forest landowners, wood product manufacturers, and forest operator’s ability to maintain our public license to operate. Forestry and wood products have been under the public’s microscope for a long time and being a good steward is a requirement to staying in business. He described how Seneca maintains their public license to operate.

 Seneca CEO, Todd Payne, Keynote Speaker
Seneca CEO, Todd Payne, Keynote Speaker

This was one of the largest annual meetings in OSWA’s recent history. On Thursday, ninety participants visited either Seneca Sawmill’s lumber and bio-energy facilities, Rosboro’s lumber and laminated beam facilities, Northwest Hardwood’s sawmill, or Swanson Groups Plywood Plant. Thank you to Seneca, Rosboro, Northwest Hardwoods, and Swanson Group for their hospitality. Fifty-four members participated in the Thursday night board dinner and board meeting.

The program on Friday, following Keynote Speaker Todd Payne, had speakers on how to improve communications with one’s legislators, climate change, health of Oregon forests, forest pollinators, global wood supply and markets, fire season concerns, fire policy impacts, potential changes in smoke management rules, how pesticides are regulated, Forest Practices Act requirements when using herbicides, and initiative petitions at the county level to regulate the use of herbicides on forest land. Candidate for Governor, Knute Buehler, described his vision for forestry and rural Oregon. Governor Kate Brown, who was also invited, declined the invitation, sighting a conflict.

On Friday, the annually required OSWA Membership Meeting took place before lunch. Executive Director gave a State of the Association message reporting OSWA completing the 2017/2018 Workplan approved by the board, the 2017/2018 Budget is in line with expectations, OSWA is financiallystable, and it apperas OSWA will have a minor increase in membership growth for 2018. The membership nominated Ken Nygren as President Elect and Mike Barnes to continue as a Second Vice President on the Executive Committee when his term expires. The membership also endorsed a recommendation from the board to modify the OSWA bylaws to remove the vote by mail requirents and replace them with making all decisioins requiring membership approval will be determined by a vote of the members present at the Annual Membership Meeting. See details in election form and envelope in this newsletter and the article on page x about the bylaw change recommendation. At the conclusion of the Membership Meeting, President Rick Barnes passed the President,s gavel to Mike Barsotti, OSWA’s new President.

There were 185 participants who enjoyed a great program, twelve exhibitors, OSWA product sales, and a successful Silent Auction. Thank you to the exhibitors, OSWA’s Linn County Chapter who coordinated the OSWA Product Sales, Ilene Waldorf who chaired the Silent Auction, those who donated items for the auction, and the 65 bidders who paid over $5000 for the items sold at the auction.

Follwing Friday’s program there was a Silent Auction Social and OSWA’s Annual Awards Banquet. 160 enjoyed the banquet. Eveniing Speaker, Barb Lachenbruch, discussed making maple syrup from Oregon’s Big Leaf Maple.

Tom Nygren, Michael Atkinson, Gordon Culbetson, and Dick Courter at Silent Auction Social
Following Friday’s program was a Silent Auction Social followed by an Awards Banquet
Following Friday’s program was a Silent Auction Social followed by an Awards Banquet

2018 Chapter Outstanding Volunteers of the Year

Baker County – Bob Parker is Baker County’s Outstanding Volunteer of the Year. As the OSU Forestry Extension Agent, he has gone far beyond his responsibilities to assist the Baker County Chapter to be a successful chapter. His collaboration skills work wonders reaching out to family forest owners in Northeast Oregon. He was intricately involved in organizing two successful OSWA Annual Meetings in Baker City and has the respect of the community. Bob is retiring in 2018. His skills will be missed.

Benton County – The Benton Chapter recognized Dave Hibbs as their Volunteer of the Year for 2018. Dave’s leadership, commitment and ability to organize and delegate were critical to the very successful 2018 Tree Farmer of the Year and Neighbor to Neighbor tour of May 19 at the Carr-Oakes Family Forest. He is also an active Benton County member.

President Mike Barsotti and Ron Guttridge
President Mike Barsotti and Ron Guttridge

Clackamas County – Rob Guttridge is only a two-year member of Clackamas County Farm Forestry Association, and at their annual meeting in 2016, he volunteered to take on the editing of our Forest Tree Leader and serve as Vice President of the chapter at the same time. He volunteers at the Hopkins Demonstration Forest workdays as well, and has helped the Clackamas County Extension with projects, programs, and tours when he is able. The chapter highly values Rob’s time and commitment to the chapter and are proud to honor him as their 2018 Volunteer of the Year.

Columbia County – Bill Hanson and Rod Nastrom are the Columbia County Volunteers of the Year. Both are active members of the Columbia County Chapter participating in the planning of and participation in most chapter events. They can be counted on when needed.


President Mike Barsotti and Mitch Clarke
President Mike Barsotti and Mitch Clarke

Coos/Curry County – Mitch Clarke is Coos/Curry County’s Volunteer of the Year. He is currently the President of the chapter and the leader who organizes events and keeps the chapter active in the community. He has attended hearings at the Capitol and has been active in representing the chapter on Curry County After the Fire issues following the 2017 devastating fire season in Southwest Oregon.

Douglas County – Tami Braz has abundant energy. She always seems to be working for her chapter. She diligently performs the job of secretary, membership chairman, interviews long-term members for newsletters stories, compiles the newsletter, displays membership materials, and sells signs at tours & functions. She is a strong asset to the Douglas County Chapter and is their Volunteer of the Year.

President Mike Barsotti and Peggy Martin

Jackson/Josephine County – Peggy Martin is the Volunteer of the Year for Jackson/Josephine County. She is the Membership Committee Chairman and an active member of the chapter board. Peggy was on the recent Bill and Marion Collins Neighbor to Neighbor Tour committee and through her leadership, eleven new members signed up for OSWA following the event.

President Mike Barsotti with Rebecca and Rick Fain

Lane County – Rick and Rebecca Fain reside on their tree farm just north of Florence and stepped forward in 2015, as a team, to serve on LCSWA’s board and represent the Florence area of Lane County. Both are committed to supporting and attending chapter activities and willingly travel back and forth from Florence to assist with and attend all board meetings and chapter events. Both have helped organize field trips as well as provide the administrative support needed to insure such events are successful. Last year they provided special assistance helping with the planning OSWA’s 2017 Annual Meeting in Florence. This year they have been active with providing support and assistance with LCSWA planning for OSWA’s 2018 annual meeting in Springfield. Rick, along with Rebecca, are strong supporters of LCSWA and both are deserving of this special recognition as Outstanding Volunteers of the Year.

President Mike Barsotti and Jim Merzenich

Linn County – Jim Merzenich is Linn County’s Volunteer of the Year. He is a Past Chapter President, Chairman of Linn County’s Membership Committee and the web-master for the chapter. Jim is instrumental in planning and helping with all chapter activities. He has been a superb mentor to President Bill Bowling, providing guidance to him as he performs the duties as President.

Lincoln County – Tim Miller has been selected by Lincoln County’s Board as their 2018 Volunteer of the Year. Tim’s service to OSWA and the Oregon Farm Bureau as a spokes person has been outstanding. He has provided critical representation on government issues facing Lincoln County’s timber and cattle industries. He has ben involved in the County Fair, 4H, water issue regulations, and is always willing to help a friend. Tim was Lincoln County’s Tree Farmer of the Year in 2016.

Yamhill County – Yamhill Chapter’s 2018 Volunteer of the Year is Ken Nygren. Ken is a member of the Yahmill Chapter Board and serves as Treasurer. He is also, very active in organizing meetings and has led tours for the chapter and for others. Ken is a professional forester and administers a woodland management assistance program for Bell Pole which has proved very valuable for many OSWA members. He is also active in many other community volunteer activities. It is great to be able to count on him. Ken was also nominated as President Elect for OSWA at the Annual Membership Meeting on June 29th.

Washington County – Washington County Small Woodlands Association Volunteer of the Year for 2018 is Don Sohler. Don retired from Oregon Department of Forestry a few years ago, and when he saw that the Washington County Chapter needed someone to chair the Seedling Committee, he volunteered. This position gets very busy in February and March when seedlings are picked up and delivered. The volunteers who help pick up seedlings from Lewis River Reforestation are especially happy that Don has recognized the need to provide a break with lunch after arriving at the cooler and before unloading seedlings. Our seedling customers appreciate how Don accommodates them in picking up their seedlings. He has initiated new ideas to make the seedling sale run smoothly and encourage customers to join OSWA if they are not already members.

Nominees for Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year

Oregon Tree Farm System (OTFS) Awards Chairman, Dick Courter, announced the six nominees for Oregon’s 2018 Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year. Each county can have one nominees per year. Nominees are:

  • Benton County – Marsha Oakes Carr
  • Clackamas County – Tim Dahl and Debi Poppe
  • Lane County – Linda Hull
  • Linn County – Sherman and Leslie Weld
  • Umatilla County – Tom and Cindy Beechinor
  • Washington County – Richard and Connie Gaebel

The 2018 Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year will be announced on October 27th during the OTFS’s Annual Meeting at the Oregon Garden in Silverton. It is not too early to be thinking about who each County’s Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year nominee for 2019 will be. Each year, OSWA invites the chapter who nominated the Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year to host OSWA’s Annual Meeting and Tree Farmer of the Year woods tour as part of the meeting.

Riggin’ Slinger Award

Recent Past President Rick Barnes received the 2018 Riggin’ Slinger Award. As OSWA’s President, Rick has been a strong leader and provided guidance to OSWA’s recent successes. He and his wife Audrey have been frequent participants at legislative hearings, Board of Forestry meetings and most recently, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission meetings, testifying for OSWA on issues important to family forest owners and OSWA’s membership. Rick has also served on the Oregon Forest and Industries Council’s (OFIC) board representing OSWA. As a member of OSWA’s Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC), he has been fully engaged on all issues important to forestry for many years. Rick served two terms on the Committee for Family Forestlands (CFF), a committee appointed by the Board of Forestry to advise them on family forest issues. Rick will serve as Past President on the OSWA Executive Committee for the next two years.

President Mike Barsotti with Past President and Riggin’ Slinger, Rick Barnes





A Wonderful Picnic in Benton County

We had a wonderful picnic out at Nancy Hathaway’s and Greg Peterson’s Tree Farm about a week ago.

The annual Benton County Small Woodland’s Association social picnic was held at Nancy Hathaway’s and Greg Peterson’s cabin in the woods. It was an opportunity to visit, enjoy delicious food, and relax with friends. Nancy presented us with a quiz, leading to discussions about false brome, thinning options, and what was causing pitch to run down the side of one of the forest’s towering Douglas-firs. Topics of conversation ranged further afield than forestry, of course, but it was a love of our woodlands that brought us all together.

oswa-annual-picnic-benton3 oswa-annual-picnic-benton2 oswa-annual-picnic-benton1

Tree Farmer of the Year, Douglas County

Please join us for Douglas County Chapter of Oregon Small Woodlands Association’s Tree Farmer of the Year tour.

September 15, 2018
8:00 am – 2:00pm
Roseburg, OR

Details are as follows:

8:00 Coffee and Doughnuts social hour -Presented By Northwest Farm
Credit Services
9:00 -12:00 Tree Farm Tour with Ken and Sharon Harrison
12:00 - 1:00  Lunch
8354 Coos Bay Wagon Road Roseburg, OR 97470

CCSWA 2019 Tree Sale

Columbia County Small Woodlands Association is taking orders for

Bare Root Forest, Riparian Seedlings “Elite” DOUGLAS FIR


Douglas Fir: 120 seedlings per bag. These “Elite” Douglas fir are for Columbia County Zone 5.

CCSWA Members pay $51.00 per bag of 120 for Douglas Fir & $40 per bag of 100 for Western Red Cedar.
Not a member of CCSWA: $70.00 per bag for Douglas fir and $60 per bag for Western red cedar.

For 2019 we have 1-year-old cedar that will be ~ 12-14 inches tall, excluding the roots.
The Douglas fir is a 1 + 1 seedling same as before.

Western Red Cedar: 100 seedlings per bag.
Minimum $25.00 per bag deposit. Payment in Full for 2 bags or fewer. Checks payable to CCSWA. An order confirmation will be mailed to you ASAP. ORDER EARLY. Quantities are limited. During recent years we have sold out by August to early Sept. but we have significantly increased our Douglas fir crop for 2019!

Please call if you have any questions: Bill Hanson (503) 429-9101 or Mark Dreyer (503) 369-9592.

CCSWA 2019 Tree Sale Order Form
Mail the completed order form and payment to:
Bill Hanson, 57334 Timber Road, Vernonia, OR 97064
Balance Due statement or Paid in Full receipt with additional information will be mailed late November 2018. Seedlings will be available February 2019 depending upon weather and soil conditions. Deposits and payments are refundable if seedlings are unavailable. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER. * If you need more than 100 bags of DF, please call.

A Walk in the Woods Picnic

Come Join Columbia County small woodlands for our 7-21-2018 summer picnic.

This year our host is the Dahlin Family out of Warren Oregon. They were gracious enough to invite us to their 170 acres for our summer picnic.

You will literally be taking a walk in the woods. Dick Dahlin has been busy building a trail with several bridges through his property. The walk will be over 1 mile long so please do not attempt if you are not up to a long (woods) walk. On your walk you will see a young (15 to 20 year old) Douglas fir mixed hardwood stand.

Dick is a retired forester and has established growth plots that have been maintained for several years. As you progress you will come to the Dahlins picnic/campground, further you will see Sly Creek (medium fish stream with previous beaver activity) and finally you will come out on their new (several years old) road with Sly Creek stream crossing. From there a short walk or ride to our catered lunch from Sunshine pizza.

For those not going on the walk covered seating will be available (to get out of the sun or rain)

How to get there: Follow the Tree Farm tour signs off of Highway 30 at Slavens Road then follow the signs to Oester road then to

55696 View crest Place


8:30 coffee and donuts
9:30 take transportation to start of trail
12 to 1 lunch.

RSVP Mark Dreyer 503-369-9592 or email