Benton Small Woodlands Annual Meeting News – January 2021

It was yet another Zoom meeting but it was well attended and very well hosted. Portions of the meeting were recorded for upload to YouTube. Retiring board members, Karen Fleck-Harding and Mike Albrecht were recognized for their decades of service. Longtime board member Nancy Hathaway is the 2020 BCSW Volunteer of the Year. Due to […]

Benton Small Woodlands Virtual Annual Meeting, Thursday, January 28, 2021, 18:00-19:30

Although we can’t meet in person, we will have a virtual meeting to get reacquainted, share a virtual beverage of choice, take care of annual organizational business, hear Jim James’ Last Annual OSWA Update prior to another semi-retirement, get the Log Report from Van Decker, and listen to a timely presentation on the Labor Day […]

Benton County Annual Meeting 2019

Wood We Need From the Forests of Home Guest Speaker: Peter Hayes Washington County Chapter/OSWA Peter will join us to share the story and opportunities of the Build Local Alliance. Since 2005 this non-profit has served as a community catalyst helping forest owners, millers, distributors, designers, makers, and users to work in partnerships that connect […]