OSWA Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is authorized as the general governing body of the Oregon Small Woodlands Association. It manages finances and oversees the day to day business of the organization. The Executive Committee is elected by the membership of the organization, with the exception of the Treasurer who is appointed by the Executive Committee.

Executive members are appointed by vote. All members from all chapters are invited to partake in this election process.

OSWA Executive Committee 2014-2015

President Scott Hanson
President Elect Rick Barnes
2nd Vice President Dave Schmidt
2nd Vice President Donna Heffernan
2nd Vice President Mike Barnes
2nd Vice President Dick Courter
President Emeritus Scott Hayes
Treasurer Dallas Boge
Executive Director Jim James

Mailing Address

Oregon Small Woodlands Association
187 High Street NE, Suite 208
Salem, OR 97301

Telephone & Fax

 (503) 588-1813
 (503) 588-1970