OTFS Awards at OSWA Awards Banquet

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Several Awards were presented to Oregon Tree Farm System participants at OSWA’s Annual Awards Banquet. Tom Martin, President of American Forest Foundation presented Mike Cloughesy, Oregon Forest Resource Institute and Jim Johnson, OSU Forestry Extension with plagues honoring their partnership with the American Tree Farm System.

Tom commented “75 years is a very long time for a program or organization to prosper. It can only do so through the commitment of many talented people and in the case of the American Tree Farm System, committed, vibrant partner organizations. OFRI and OSU Extension have been two of those special organizations helping nurture the success of ATFS through many, many years.

In recent years Mike Cloughesy has provided energy, insight and leadership to help ATFS continue to help family landowners become better stewards of their land.  Mike and OFRI are a large part of what has made and is making ATFS successful in Oregon. OSU Extension has provided leadership through their Extension Foresters who are inspectors and who participate in inspector training. Both Mike and Jim have served on the OTFS board for many years.”


Tom Martin presents award to Mike Cloughesy with Scott Hayes, Chair of OTFS


Tom Martin presents award to Jim Johnson


Tom Martin presents award to Mike Cloughesy with Scott Hayes, Chair of OTFS

Michael Atkinson and Scott Hayes present ATFS 25 Year Sign to Paul Cal. Paul has been in ATFS since 1979

OSWA Award presentation

Michael Atkinson and Scott Hayes present a red cedar carved sign to Audrey and Rick Barnes in recognition of their selection as National Western Regional Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year in 2014. Their Nickel Mountain, LLC property was Oregon’s OTFofY in 2013. The Douglas County Chapter hosted the OSWA Annual Meeting in 2014.